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A large company is born

In 1950, the IRMÃOS MENTA Company was born, an initiative of businessman
PEDRO LEOPOLDINO MENTA and his brothers, who founded a small industry and metallurgy in the city of Cajuru-SP.
Actually, PEDRO began to develop his projects at the age of 10 years, when he worked in the manufacturing of mills for the production of sugar cane spirits and brown sugar, which was a thriving business in that occasion. He promoted repairs and provided technical assistance to domestic and imported machinery and implements, when he developed his first projects in order to overcome the shortcomings of equipment in the small smelting industry of his father. He realized that he could create mechanical devices that would improve the operational performance and he is still the main designer.
The IRMÃOS MENTA Company was focused on the manufacturing of farm machinery for cattle feeding. In the 60s, the IRMÃOS MENTA launched the first dry food grinders and choppers of green fodder such as cane sugar and napier grass, which quickly captured the market, due to their performance and  robustness.
In the 70s, the IRMÃOS MENTA changed the shareholding control to Mr.
PEDRO MENTA, and his sons, changing the company’s name to MENTA MIT MAQUINAS AGRICOLAS LTDA, and this same year, the ensiling machines known as MENTA SUPER were launched.
Then, in the 80s, a bestseller products is launched - CONFIMENTA 600, powered by rubber mats, which provides high capacity in the preparation of fodder for cattle, with uniform particulate size.
The 1986 Economic Plan known as “Cruzado” stabilized the national economy, there are large feedlots and the cattle breeding activity intensified. The MENTA MIT developed a new line of tractor-powered fodder harvesters with 100% national technology, which gives the company many awards due to the performance and productivity of its products.
After more than four years of research and development, COLHIMENTA was launched in 2000, which was considered the best sugarcane harvester to treat animals and was awarded by the GERDAU AWARD - BEST OF EARTH, and in the same year MENTA MIT launched the ensiling machine SUPER MENTA versions 15T, 20T and 40T. In the next year, aiming at improvements, MENTA MIT launched COLHIMENTA 3000, recognized as the best machine, being awarded in 2001with the GERDAU AWARD - BEST OF EARTH  - “GOLD” TROPHY.
In 2003, MENTA MIT once again leads the way in technology and innovation. It launched PREMIUM DOBLO; the first forage harvester driven by gearboxes and propeller  shaft,  adding performance, economy and reliability to the fodder market. The robustness and performance of this equipment are complemented by its versatility. With a simple platform exchange, the machine harvests sugar cane, corn and sorghum in one line (platform FC1), corn and sorghum in two lines (platform FM2) or grass planted in total area (platform PMC). The great success of PREMIUM DOBLO resulted in a rolling work that gave rise to PREMIUM FLEX, with improvements and technology nationally and internationally recognized as the most resistant, productive, robust and of lowest maintaining cost in the fodder market.
In 2004, after many studies and research, COLHIFLEX was launched, which is a high-capacity harvester to harvest sugar cane for cattle feeding. This machine has three types of platforms: Model MFC1 to harvest sugar cane, napier grass, bioenergy sugarcane; platform MFM2 to harvest corn and sorghum in 2 lines and platform PMC 1400 to harvest grass planted in total area.
After years of research, COLHIMENTA CM-20 was launched in 2008, which is a machine driven by tractor from 110 hp to harvest sugar cane for the production of sugar, ethanol and bioenergy and the first and only not self-driven machine in the segment.
Always with its concern focused on quality and technology, MENTA MIT has equipment, last-generation processes and highly qualified professionals to produce the best farm machines in the market.
Currently, MENTA MIT has approximately 100 employees in its industrial park located in Cajuru-SP and over 60 indirect employees to meet the national and international market exporting to over 30 countries.


To manufacture high-quality machines to process organic materials, thus contributing to the sustainable development of agribusiness and production of cheaper food for humanity.


To manufacture high-quality machines to process organic materials, thus contributing to the sustainable development of agribusiness and production of cheaper food for humanity.


To create machines that do not look like any other.